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Victoria, BC, is known as the "most British" city in British Columbia, with a population of over 1.5 million people, the second largest in the country. Victoria is located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island and is home to more than 1,500,000 people and one of the largest cities in North America.

There are a number of historical sites including the BC Parliament Building, the Victoria Museum and the Royal Canadian Natural History Museum. The BC Parliament Building overlooks Victoria, Victoria Island, BC, Canada's second largest city. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the province of British Columbia and Canada.

Add a guided tour of Victoria to your children's tour and you can see the two best sights of Victoria in one day. The Victoria Museum and the Royal Canadian Natural History Museum in Victoria, BC, and whale watching at the Victoria Whale Sanctuary.

The Inner Harbour is a good area to stay in Victoria, as its location allows easy access to the Royal Museum and bars where it is a popular nightlife destination. If you are moving to other districts of Victoria, you can take the bus that is available from Menzies Street. The inner harbour is popular with tourists and ideal for hiking, but there are other options elsewhere in British Columbia, such as the Victoria Museum, Victoria Whale Sanctuary and the Natural History Museum.

If you are travelling to Victoria, you will need to take a ferry from mainland Victoria to Nanaimo, but you can also fly to Victoria. If you are travelling from Vancouver Island to Vancouver, take the ferry to Tsawwassen from the Dukes Ferry Terminal or if you are travelling to Duke Bay, take another ferry from TsawswASSen. There are several other ways to travel between Victoria and mainland British Columbia, such as Vancouver International Airport.

The impressive Empress Hotel, built for business people visiting Victoria, Canada, is a must-see. On the second floor of the hotel, just a few steps from the main entrance, there is a mini zoo with two rooms. You can also visit the Royal Victoria Museum, Victoria's oldest museum, on the corner of Victoria Street and Victoria Avenue.

This beautiful neighborhood with its colorful houses houses the buildings of the Royal BC Museum, built in 1898. Named after Queen Victoria, the city is full of historic buildings, including some of Victoria's landmarks, such as the Victoria Hotel and Victoria Museum. This National Historic Site of Canada covers an incredible 55 hectares and is one of our most visited attractions in Victoria. The Royal Victoria Library and Museum on Victoria Street, just a few blocks from the museum, is one of the most interesting attractions in Melbourne, Australia, but also one of the iconic landmarks of Victoria.

There are plenty of family attractions in Victoria, with Victoria Bug Zoo, with its huge, creepy crawlies, always one of the favourites. Gorge Waterway Visit: The Victoria Harbour Ferry offers a 45-minute tour of the Inner Harbour. The itinerary varies, but most include a visit to Victoria and include a whale watching trip, a boat ride and a walk along the waterfront.

A really cool feature of Victoria, BC, is the ability to take a ferry across a really beautiful coastal landscape. Stay up to date with activities in Victoria for the kids, but don't dig into the hiking and kayaking destinations around Victoria. If you are planning to explore more parts of Vancouver Island, Victoria is a great place to visit by car. Although we have certainly visited Victoria just for ourselves, we recommend taking a week or more to explore some of the other Vancouver islands, and if you are taking a ferry, it is a really great way to keep up to date with the latest news and events in Vancouver.

Visit Victoria's Bug Zoo, visit the Victoria Museum of Natural History, Victoria Bug Museum and Victoria Zoo and Park, or go on foot or skate around the best floating attractions in Victoria. The miniature world, dubbed "The Greatest Little Show on Earth," is a must-see when visiting Victoria for the kids.

As for attractions, Victoria enjoys being home to some of Canada's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Victoria Museum of Natural History and Victoria Zoo and Park. Activities in Victoria include some world-class attractions; some are fairly segregated, but each place is worth a visit. Some must-see Victoria tourist attractions include the carefully manicured gardens of the Royal Botanical Garden of Victoria, the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

If you want to experience a truly special family holiday in Victoria, check out the Fairmont Empress Family Package. If you live on Vancouver Island and spend 2-3 days in the area, be sure to check out Tourism Victoria's special offers and promotions for children's activities in Victoria. Note: If Victoria does not currently have a discounted pass for attractions in the city, you can visit Craigdarroch Castle free of charge using the ePass system. Even if Victoria does not currently have discounts on city attractions or passes and you live in or near Vancouver Island, you still want to experience one of Victoria's tourist attractions to get the full West Coast feel.

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