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DoubleTree Hilton has opened its first hotel on Vancouver Island with the opening of the DoubleTree Vancouver Canada Hilton Hotel in downtown Vancouver. The 181-room Downtown Hotel opens this week, following in the footsteps of other Hilton hotels in Vancouver, including the brand's first hotel on the west coast of Canada, the Hilton Vancouver Bayfront Hotel, and the Port Moody Hotel, B.C. It is the first of its kind in Canada and follows the launch last year of a number of Hilton hotels in New York, New Jersey and California, including the Grand Hyatt Vancouver Hotel and a new Hilton in Los Angeles.

The modern design in West Coast style is accentuated by natural earth tones and art by local artist Anne Griffiths is on display throughout the hotel. The modern design in West Coast style: Natural earth tones are enhanced by modern designs in West Coast style. Natural earth tones are accentuated by natural, eastern - lateral - ocean tones in the design of the DoubleTree Vancouver Canada Hilton Hotel. Art by local artist Anne Griffins: The hotel is equipped with the art of local artists AnneGriffins.

Victoria city centre is home to many other popular attractions and activities, including the Victoria Aquarium, Save-A-Lot, Victoria Waterfront Park and many more.

For more information or reservations, visit or call 1-250-940-3100 or visit the Victoria Canada Hilton Hotels website. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the hotel's Customer Service Center at (604) 945-4357.

The best place to call DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Suites Victoria is 1 - 250 - 940 - 3100. Victoria is owned by Executive House Ltd., and is operated by Mairet Consulting & Management Ltd. and the Victoria Canada Hilton Hotels, www. Melbourne, B.C., Canada, and Victoria, BC, Canada, are operated by Executive House Ltd. with the support of the government of Victoria's Department of Tourism and Tourism.

Victoria is located in Victoria, B.C., Canada, and the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Suites Victoria and Victoria Canada Hilton Hotels, www. The hotels are ideally located in the city centre, but Victoria is conveniently located at the intersection of Victoria Street and Main Street, just a short walk from the Victoria Convention Centre. Victoria has been located in the west of the city in the heart of the city centre for over 30 years.

Each stylish room offers stunning views of the city centre, the Victoria Convention Centre and the Royal Victoria Museum, as well as views of the Pacific Ocean and Victoria Harbour. Each stylishly decorated guest room offers breathtaking views, including the City of Victoria, Victoria City Hall, Main Street, Vancouver Harbour and Vancouver Island. Each stylishly decorated room had stunning views that included downtown, the Victoria Convention Center, Melbourne Harbour, Port Coquitlam, B.C. and Port St. John.

This destination has been rated as one of the top destinations in Canada by Travel + Leisure Canada's top 100 hotels and resorts. This destination has been ranked among the top 100 destinations to visit in Canada by Tourism & Leagues Canada, the world's largest travel and tourism agency.

Vancouver Island, where Victoria is located, has been ranked as one of the top destinations in Canada by Travel + Leisure Canada's Top 100 Hotels and Resorts. Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and Victoria, BC, Canada, the capital of Victoria and the largest city in British Columbia, were named in the top ten islands in the world for travel and tourism in 2013 by Tourism & Leagues. Victoria Island, on the island of Vancouver, where Victoria is located, Vancouver, B.C., the capital of Vancouver, is rated among the best travel and tourism destinations in North America and is named one of the top ten islands in the world by Tourism & Leagues.

Victoria is an island destination, offering visitors access to the world's largest and most diverse tourism market in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. BC Ferries has provided a lifeline to remote coastal communities in British Columbia and will continue to provide a vital link between Vancouver Island and Vancouver, B.C., by providing medical care and food to support these communities. Victoria is a tourist and tourist destination for tourists and residents of Victoria, BC, Canada's capital and the largest city on the island.

We encourage our customers to continue to heed the advice to be calm, safe and friendly to the people around you, as well as to heed the warnings of the BC Police Department and BC Ferries.

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