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Hydraulic hammers and battering drills are in the works and construction of the 172-room hotel, located between the Victoria Canada Marriott Hotel and the Vancouver Convention Centre, is expected to begin later in April. Quinn says construction on the hotel will take about 19 months and be completed in time for the City Council to approve a $1.5 million contract to open by then. Special Grand Opening rates are available from April 27 to June 30, 2004 and can be booked through or directly at hotels.

The Victoria Canada Marriott's special Grand Opening rates cannot be combined with other offers and are only available through

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Further information about the steps BC Ferries is taking under COVID 19 can be found on the reply page CO VID 19 here. Affected BCFerries holiday bookings can be contacted to modify or cancel your booking. Contact Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour or visit for more information on reservations or call Victoria Hotels at (866) 306-5451 for Victoria hotel reservations. For more information about Victoria's hotels and reservations, please contact Victoria - Marriott Reservations at 888 - 867 - 4357 or Victoria-MarriottReservations @

To help you decide where to spend your next holiday, read the response of the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour to the incident at BC Ferries. We believe that your review and your contribution to our response to your property will highlight the wide range of opinions and experiences that will help guests make a well-informed decision about their stay. If you want a hotel with a high level of customer service, good service and a great experience, we can't recommend the Magnolia Hotel enough.

Vancouver Island Hotel offers a variety of wedding packages, including the Crystal Ball Room and a spa and fitness centre. Although it is not a boutique hotel, it is a great choice if you are collecting and spending Marriott Bonvoy loyalty points. Marriott offers a wide range of hotels, including the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour, Vancouver Marriott Hotel and B.C. Marriott.

Other hotel features include a full-service fitness centre, spa and fitness centre, and fitness and wellness centre. A self-service business center is also available to meet the needs of guests. Technological options include Wi-Fi, wireless access to all the hotel amenities and the use of smartphones and tablets.

Our priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees and we will strictly adhere to the guidelines of the federal states and the federal government. We ask all customers of the ferry Mill Bay to wear masks when passing through BC. If a passenger cannot wear a mask or face covering for medical reasons, BC Ferries requires the passenger to provide documentation to a medical professional.

Passengers who show no symptoms may board but must maintain a physical distance from their vehicle and stay with them at least 30 minutes before boarding. BC Ferries checks all customers for COVID-19 symptoms and restricts travel if a customer does not meet the screening requirements under federal guidelines. If you answer yes to questions 1-4 or 5 above or if you refuse to answer questions 1 and 4, BCFerries will refuse to board.

To maintain the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel, the pool area has been designated as a whisper zone - zone only. Skyline views are fantastic at night and you can watch seaplanes and boats, but as there are no other adult pools, this hotel is the perfect place for a quiet evening with friends and family. The city centre is within walking distance and we love the marble bathrooms and deep baths. We just finished major renovations and came across a harbour view, which was a nice romantic touch.

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