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I # Ve lived on Vancouver Island for 5 years and somehow managed to barely make it to Victoria, BC, Canada's second largest city. The Canadian city of Victoria is absolutely worth a visit, with elegant historical elements and British charm. Victoria has a rich British ancestry, which can be admired in the city's historic buildings, horse-drawn carriages and the Royal Albert Hall, as well as in the many museums and galleries. British tourists can see artworks in museum galleries and admire a variety of performing arts at various locations such as the Victoria Art Gallery and Victoria Museum.

Along with theatres, combining museum tickets with cinema tickets is one of the cheapest ways to spend a day and make the most of your visit to the museum. When visiting the Royal B.C. Museum, be sure to see what is played at the IMAX.

If you are interested in booking a Victoria to Seattle passage with the Victoria Clipper, check out the ticket packages. Although Victoria does not currently have discounts on tickets to attractions in the city, you should check Tourism Victoria's website for special offers and promotions for Victoria children.

If you're lucky enough to see something spectacular at the Victoria Canada Museum in Victoria, B.C., this is your next visit.

Among all the activities in Victoria, this world-class attraction features the Victoria Canada Museum, the largest collection of Canadian war artifacts in the world. To date, the permanent museum collection has more than 100,000 items, many of which are regularly displayed in the permanent exhibition galleries of the Sydney Museum. The National War Museum owns the majority of the originals, as they are the only ones that have been safely stored by a regimental museum. Although often overlooked, they are hidden gems and worth a visit if you have time.

If you like history, you should also visit Craigdarroch Castle, a beautiful old manor house that is now a National Historic Site and Museum.

As part of the Royal BC Museum, the collection of totem poles and replica longhouses is worth a visit. The museum has life - giant mammoth replicas are on display, and its galleries are constantly changing, so this is a must - look at Canada's tragic past. This museum had a great exhibition on the history of the native people of Vancouver Island and houses a large number of artifacts and artifacts from the past, such as the first woodcarvings in Canada.

The museum building, built as a hospital at the end of the 19th century, today shows the history of the hospital and its patients as well as its history as an educational institution. There is an original historical residential and school building, which is also open to the public and is attached to the museum. Not to forget: All exhibits are located on the premises, including the Helmcken House and the St. Anna School House.

The Victoria Memorial Museum building was the seat of the Canadian Parliament until the fire that destroyed the central block of the Parliament building. The institution was divided into two parts, the latter remaining the Victoria Memorial Museum and the former the Royal Canadian Museum.

The recognition gave the directors the opportunity to apply for certain minor official grants, to obtain business at the Canadian military base Esquimalt, to contact the Royal Canadian Navy and to be recognized for their contributions to the museum and its mission. Commander Grubb, who was Chief of Staff of the 1st Battalion and 3rd Canadian Infantry Regiment at the time and had expertise in establishing museums, agreed to donate his services to both the regiment and the regiment.

There are numerous boat trips that can take you around Victoria, but really it is a must to be on the water while you are here. Forget the water, we also give you tips on how to find a reputable whale watching tour in Victoria.

The Victoria Harbour Ferry offers a 45-minute tour of the Inner Harbour and Gorge Waterway Tours. If you like museums like us, you can easily spend 3-4 hours at the Royal BC Museum or add a tour of Parliament to your Victoria children's programme. The museum is one of the best places to visit Victoria at any time of the year, but it is best to spend the summer months. The Victoria Waterfront Tour allows you to explore the gorge and waterway quickly in the autumn and winter months.

The museum is located right in the beautiful inner harbour, allowing you to walk through the recreated historic streets. It is a great place to learn about Victoria's history and what we have seen in British Columbia. This gallery takes you on a tour of the natural landscape of the province, immersing yourself in its forests and allowing you to get a closer look at its wildlife.

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