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For much of the 20th century, Victoria was marketed by tourists as the "most British" of the entire city of Canada. It was actually named after Queen Victoria and had a lot of British heritage, so it was no surprise that there were still Anglo-Saxon themed pubs. I couldn't be more excited to be back in Victoria this year for my 38th anniversary (I was promised 38!), and with good reason.

Victoria was celebrated for its colourful history, but also had to behave and limited herself to limited public events such as the annual Victoria Day Parade and the Victoria Festival of Arts.

Remember that Victoria enjoys some of the mildest temperatures in Canada, making it a great destination for winter travel whenever you travel. In Victoria you will find everything you can do, but with a little planning and planning you can do it all in one day.

If you already know you want to travel to Victoria, you should consider all possible options, including Victoria International Airport, Victoria City Hall and many others. There are also many wonderful activities to enjoy on Vancouver Island and in the city of Victoria. Looking for more fun things to do with your kids in Victoria?

If you are planning to explore more of Vancouver Island, Victoria is also a great place to visit by car, and if you are taking the ferry to Greater Victoria or northern Sydney, it is a better way to do other things. If you visit Seattle or Vancouver, there is Victoria, BC, but most cruises start and return from Seattle and Vancouver and already include a short stopover in Victoria. If you visit Portland, Seattle, Vancouver or Alaska, add some time in Victoria to your itinerary or perhaps add it to your Alaska cruise.

Forget the Nanaimo crossing due to the long distance from Victoria and take a look at the other ferry crossings in Vancouver Island, such as the Port Mann crossing or the Victoria Victoria crossing.

If you are starting your trip in Vancouver, you should go to Tsawwassen and take the ferry or rent a car to land here. Nanaimo to Victoria is an hour and a half drive And if you are leaving Vancouver, the cheapest option is the BC Ferry, which will take you from Vancouver via Swartz Bay to either Tsawswassingen or Victoria. If you are leaving from Tsawattsen, Victoria or Sw Schwartz Bay, the most expensive options are BC Ferry to Vancouver or the cheapest option to take the ferry to Port Mann crossing or Victoria Victoria crossing.

If you want to travel from Washington to Victoria by car, you can take the Coho ferry to Port Angeles and then the Port Mann ferry to Vancouver. If you want a more scenic and informative form of transport, you can visit the Victoria Harbour Ferry on the website here.

There are other parts of the island that can be reached, but these primarily justify their own style and travel experience. You can venture into the wilderness of Victoria by car, boat or on foot and experience a few hours of fun and adventure.

There are ferries departing from Tsawwassen south of Vancouver and arriving at Swartz Bay, which is half an hour's drive from Victoria. If you are travelling to Tsawswassingen, the nearest ferry port to Victoria is Bebe, about an hour's drive north of Victoria city, or if you are travelling to Victoria, you will need to take a ferry to mainland Victoria or Nanaimo. The ferry takes a single person, so if you are just planning to drive - for free or visit a city, such as Victoria and Naniamo, consider leaving your vehicle and taking the ferry.

Victoria is an interesting place to enjoy and is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, easily accessible by ferry or plane from the USA and Canada, making it a great destination for both tourists and mainland residents. The ferries to Victoria will of course take you to bustling Vancouver and Seattle, where you'll love even more - people.

With such frequent trips, this route makes it easy to add a side trip to Victoria, BC to your trip to Vancouver and other destinations in the region.

A really cool feature of Victoria, BC, is the opportunity to take one of the car ferries (described as a boat) and sail through a really beautiful coastal landscape. If you take one, Victoria is accessible to the rest of Vancouver and the islands. Those who do not travel by car can fly directly to Victoria and avoid the ferry. If you want to travel like James Bond, you can also fly from Vancouver to Victoria by seaplane.

Although I only visited Victoria for Victoria, I would recommend taking a week or more to explore more of Vancouver Island, just as I did.

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